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Inauguration of the #EndPlasticPollution Initiative

On February 7th, a solemn inauguration of the #EndPlasticPollution initiative took place at the Warsaw School of Economics. We were invited to support this initiative as an official partner by its organizers - UNEP/GRID-Warsaw.

#EndPlasticPollution focuses on reducing environmental pollution caused by synthetic materials. Participants actively engage in initiatives that optimize the use of synthetic resources and provide alternative, eco-friendly recommendations to companies operating in various sectors of the economy. The initiative's goal is also to prepare a report on best and worst practices and support the implementation of targeted legislation.

The project was ceremoniously launched by Maria Andrzejewska - the Director-General of UNEP/GRID-Warsaw and Prof. Piotr Wachowiak, the Rector of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.


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