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Magazine for managers of health

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About magazine

The HEALTH MANAGEMENT Magazine is a quarterly publication issued by the Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development (INNOWO) in collaboration with the Institute of Health Care at SGH (Warsaw School of Economics) and the Polish Coalition for Personalized Medicine. The scientific editorial team is led by Professor Dr. Hab. Ewelina Nojszewska from SGH and Dr. Hab. Beata Jagielska from the Polish Coalition for Personalized Medicine, with the support of Roche. 

The honorary patronage of this periodical is endorsed by leading Polish medical universities: Warsaw Medical University, Jagiellonian University Medical College, and Gdańsk Medical University.

In each issue, the magazine addresses current and vital issues in the organization of healthcare in Poland. It comments on and explains the consequences of introduced legislative and procedural changes, and reports on groundbreaking clinical research. An essential element is also the promotion of the Value-Based Healthcare concept, which entails organizing the healthcare system based on quality and clinical-economic outcomes.

Recent topics covered in the magazine include:

  1. Effective financing of the healthcare system, including demonstrating the effects of implementing the n-1 definition in the healthcare system.

  2. Amendment to the reimbursement bill.

  3. Draft law on quality in healthcare and safety.

  4. Polish groundbreaking research in healthcare.

  5. Common/central procedures.

  6. Hospital settlements.

  7. Discussion of the results of the pilot implementation of the KSO network.

  8. Presentation of the effects of the pilot separate valuation in pathomorphology.


We encourage you to explore the content of our magazine.

Project's partners

  • Institute for Innovation and Responsible Development INNOWO,

  • Institute of Health Care at SGH (Warsaw School of Economics),

  • Polish Coalition for Personalized Medicine,

  • Roche Company.

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