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About us

The Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development, INNOWO, is a non-governmental organization, a THINK to DO TANK operating in the field of supporting innovation development and the implementation of systemic changes for sustainable socio-economic development. INNOWO collaborates with various stakeholders, such as scientists, government administration, decision-makers, businesses, and NGO environments, to initiate joint actions aimed at improving society and environmental conditions.

We combine multidisciplinary expertise with experience working with local government, government representatives, and the international community, allowing us to achieve a broader perspective and conduct effective, coordinated actions.

Integration, competence and cooperation

As part of its ongoing projects, INNOWO collaborates with selected stakeholder groups, simultaneously inspiring a wide range of partners to build a network of experience exchange beyond traditional industry and sectoral divisions in Central and Eastern Europe. We harness innovative technologies, processes, and trends to pave new, better paths toward a sustainable future.

We assist decision-makers in identifying effective legislative and policy instruments to engage businesses and consumers in achieving significant and lasting change toward sustainable production and consumption.

We advise businesses, highlighting the importance of collaboration, transparency in actions, and market opportunities for the development of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

We help consumers understand the consequences of their choices and awaken a sense of responsibility for our planet.


The Foundation's mission is to engage in activities that contribute to the socio-economic development of Poland. We support initiatives promoting sustainable production and consumption, both among businesses and consumers. We strive to identify and implement systemic changes that will enhance economic efficiency on both macro and micro scales, leading to an improvement in the quality of life for society.


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