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Dania Petriego


We support the implementation of systemic and technological innovations in healthcare. We identify optimal paths for the industry's development, highlighting barriers that affect the system's efficiency and worsen the patient's situation. We develop proposals for effective solutions to these problems. Our analyses, particularly based on economic tools, confirm the importance of efficient medical expenditures as an investment that results in improving the health, social, and economic situation of Poles.


Circular Economy

The implementation of the circular economy concept presents an opportunity for a radical modification of the current economic model. The Institute aims to disseminate this concept among all stakeholders - consumers, producers, and regulators. By creating a collaborative platform, we are shaping a shared economic and social future based on informed and sustainable choices.



The ongoing urbanization presents us with new challenges in terms of adverse environmental, social, and economic effects. To enhance the quality of life in cities, the Institute supports the use of information and communication technologies. As a result, our primary aim is to increase civic participation and add a new dimension to how cities manage their resources.

ogród miejski

Social innovations

Using tools from behavioral economics, social education, and involvement in legislative processes, the Institute confronts negative social phenomena. We believe that by implementing new business models supported by substantive analyses, we can permanently improve the quality of life for all social groups.


Pure energy

The Institute supports innovations in the energy industry, ranging from promoting the use of renewable energy sources to reducing energy consumption. Modifying the behaviors of producers and consumers requires not only technological but also social changes. We tackle these challenges through research, education, and networking activities.

Responsible development of enterprises

Supporting the small and medium-sized enterprise sector can be a crucial factor in the sustainable improvement of the standard of living for citizens in Poland, primarily through promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, and the development of the middle class. This development should not be expressed solely in standard economic indicators. We see the need to instill among entrepreneurs a sense of responsibility for the individual employee, society, and the environment in which we live.

Zakupy online

New technological possibilities allow for increasingly efficient economic and social activities. Automation, digitization, and enhanced connectivity can contribute to improving living standards. The Institute supports the responsible implementation of these technologies, preceded by substantive analysis that also takes into account the risks associated with irresponsible use of new technologies.

Digitalisation and economy 4.0

Economic transactions are increasingly taking place in the virtual world, while traditional payment methods are relatively costly and time-consuming. In light of these factors, the introduction of new methods for transferring monetary value seems inevitable. The Institute supports the implementation of these technologies through engagement in research activities and social education. We hope to contribute to the development of a user-oriented system that minimizes the costs, time, and risks associated with transactions.

Cashless society

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