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Embassies Collaborate for Circular Week initiative

A meeting of Embassies collaborating with INNOWO took place at the British Embassy Warsaw as part of the Circular Week initiative. During this meeting, representatives from 10 Embassies shared their reflections and insights on the last, 6th edition of Circular Week, and also exchanged ideas and visions for this year's edition of the event.

Among the participating were:

We are extremely pleased with the engagement of the embassies in promoting sustainable development and their willingness to collaborate in such an important initiative as Circular Week.

Together, we can make a change! 🌍


Circular Week 2024

October 21-27, 2024

Mark your calendars now and join us for the 7th edition of Circular Week!

Let's take a trip down memory lane to the last Circular Week 2023 edition.


Circular Week is an international series of events and initiatives dedicated to the circular economy and sustainable development, taking place across Europe.

The aim of Circular Week is to promote the concept of a closed-loop economy, support sustainable business models, and foster collaboration among stakeholders.


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