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Polish construction sector shifts towards circularity - new project on the agenda!

We are starting with a new international project!

For the next 26 months, we will work intensively to implement circular economy practices inspired by good practices from Germany in the construction sector in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia.

We will create a forum for many stakeholders from the construction industry to discuss and work on the most promising solutions (taking into account environmental, geopolitical and social factors occurring locally). The conclusions of the dialogues will be the basis for ongoing changes in national regulations on the re-use of materials in the construction sector. At the same time, we will provide a reliable source of information on the recycling of construction materials and products, as well as the processing of raw materials used for their production. By promoting the idea of cyrcular construction, we will also contribute to the creation of more climate-neutral buildings.

The project's website:


The mission of the project is to contribute to climate change mitigation and security of supply in theconstruction sector by strengthening circular construction in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia, using best practices from Germany.

The project aims to increase the representation of circular building principles in public procurement, to encourage key players in the construction industry to use secondary materials and, finally, to increase the scale and volume of collection of materials for reuse and recycling, for example through regional material cadastres.


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