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The World Bank 2023 report on Poland is now available: "Diagnostic Analysis for Circular Economy".

This report provides an analysis of circular economy initiatives conducted for Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania. Its aim was to identify priority areas and sectors for the development of the circular economy in Poland and highlight barriers and challenges hindering national and local authorities from taking action in this direction. The report is based on the analysis of available literature, economic and environmental data, and the results of a survey conducted among decision-makers and stakeholders.

One of the key elements of the report includes recommendations for policymakers that can contribute to accelerating progress towards a circular economy in Poland. The study also took into account consultations involving the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MRiT), which plays a crucial role in implementing circular solutions in Poland.

The report emphasizes the importance of material efficiency and resource productivity in the context of global policy. The development of a circular economy involves not only minimizing material consumption but also creating strategies based on the life cycle of a product. This approach includes preventing resource waste, reducing waste, and innovating in production processes, leading to benefits for both the environment and the economy.

The report highlights Poland's role in the transition to a circular economy but also recognizes existing challenges. Poland still falls below the EU average in terms of material efficiency and the quantity of generated waste. Additionally, there is a need to create and better utilize eco-innovations. Barriers to the transformation towards a circular economy in Poland, such as a lack of knowledge and resources among entrepreneurs, inefficient regulations, and a lack of collaboration between entities, are also identified.

The report serves as a valuable source of knowledge for decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and all stakeholders involved in developing the circular economy in Poland.

We invite you to read the World Bank report titled "Diagnostic Analysis for Circular Economy Interventions in Poland," co-authored by the INNOWO Institute.

Diagnostic Analysis for Circular Economy - World Bank report
Download PDF • 7.98MB


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