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Circular Week is an international campaign that consists series of events and initiatives devoted to the subject of circular economy and sustainable development that take place throughout Europe. The Circular Week’s goal is to promote the idea of a circular economy, support sustainable business models and establish cooperation between interested stakeholders. The sixth edition will take place on 23-27 October 2023.


Mazovia Circular Congress - the focal moment of the week will take place on 25 October 2023.


Become a Partner of Circular Week 2023 

1. Would you like to organize your own event, workshop, or webinar as part of Circular Week? -  Submit your event here

2. Would you like to promote your circular start-up/project in the networking area at Mazovia Circular Congress? - Register your company to book an expo booth at the congress


3. Would you like your company to be an official Circular Week Partner? --> contact us at

About the event

Each day of this year's Circular Week will be dedicated to a different area of the circular economy. During panel discussions, workshops, and webinars, we will discuss challenges and opportunities for the development of circularity in specific sectors of the economy. There will also be networking sessions connecting various stakeholders, virtual and stationary trade fairs of circular companies, and roundtable sessions.

The main objective of the Circular Week initiative is to educate about circular economy and sustainable development and promote sustainable businesses and solutions. We show the advantages of closing the loop and the positive impact of sustainable consumption and production on the environment, biodiversity, and climate change. Circular Week promotes also efficient, innovative, green solutions and effective systemic changes. It aims as well to raise awareness, consumer behavior change, and support public commitment to circular transformation.

The following entities expressed interest in their involvement in the project: the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, a joint initiative by the European Commission and Social and Economic Committee, Holland Circular Hotspot, Circular Change (Slovenia), Nordic Circular Hotspot, ICLEI, Polish Ministry of Economic Development, Polish Ministry of Climate, Mazovia Marshal Office, Embassy of the Netherlands, Embassy of Canada, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of UK, Embassy of Sweden, Embassy of Germany.


23.10.2023 (Monday)


24.10.2023 (Tuesday)

25.10.2023 (Wednesday)

26.10.2023 (Thursday)

27.10.2023 (Friday)


Previous Circular Week Editions

"Together for a sustainable future" is the slogan of one of Europe's largest events promoting sustainability and circular economy solutions.

The last anniversary edition of Circular Week was held in October 2022 and gathered more than 3,000 participants from all over Europe. The congress was organized by the Institute for Innovation and Responsible Development INNOWO in cooperation with the Mazovian Regional Government and more than 30 institutions, companies, start-ups, and embassies.


"Let's stop just thinking and start acting because we are the people we've been waiting for" urged Guido Braam, an expert on the circular economy, to make the change.

During the last 5th edition of Circular Week, there were 50 expert panels, workshops, meetings, and webinars to present solutions to the key challenges of the circular economy: extended producer responsibility, prevention of food waste, development of the bioeconomy, challenges facing the fashion industry or the future of recyclable materials.

Summary of last editions

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